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The Professional

Wine Opener Set

Never Struggle With Another Bottle

Press. Pump. Pop.

It’s really that easy! The Professional Wine Opener Set makes opening a bottle of wine — or two, or three — easier than ever and includes everything you need to open, pour, and store your wine. Crafted using the highest-quality materials, including a stainless steel, hypodermic needle with a polycarbonate casing, our needle wine opener is built to withstand the test of time. Simply press the needle into the wine cork, pump the top, and air will pop the cork out seamlessly. Are you ready to transform your wine-drinking experience? Order the Professional Wine Opener Set from Vineyard Supply Company today!


The Professional Wine Opener Set includes everything you need to open, pour, and store your wine:

(1) Needle Wine Opener

(1) Foil Cutter

(1) Wine Aerator

(2) Vacuum Stoppers

What’s Included in the Set?


Needle Wine Opener


Foil Cutter


Wine Aerator


Two Vacuum Stoppers

You Deserve Some Luxury

Whether you’re unwinding after a long day at work or enjoying a home-cooked meal, you deserve a little luxury with your wine. Nothing ruins a bottle of wine quite like struggling with a corkscrew just to damage the cork and leave bits floating in your drink. Our Professional Wine Opener Set removes that hassle and allows you to experience luxury in every bottle. From the simple needle wine opener to the fast-acting aerator, you’ve never enjoyed opening and pouring a bottle this much. So how does it work?



No more bending, twisting, pulling, or tugging. After cutting the cap with our foil cutter that features a stainless steel blade, you’re ready for the three Ps — press the needle through the cork, pump the top handle, and pop the wine cork out with ease! The pressure inside the bottle does all the work without damaging the cork, ensuring your wine will be free of any loose impediments. Plus, there’s no battery, electricity, or cartridge refills necessary — something that can’t be said for other wine openers.


If you’ve ever tried to let an open bottle of wine breath before diving into it, you know that’s just not going to happen. While you could let an open bottle sit for 30 minutes, and then wait another 10 minutes after the pour for the wine to aerate, that’s far too tedious. With our double-chambered venturi aerator, your wine will instantly aerate as you pour it. Simply insert the aerator into the top of the bottle and pour to experience all of the wine’s notes without waiting!



So you weren't able to finish off the bottle this time — that’s okay! We know how frustrating it can be trying to keep wine fresh after opening it. Trying to stuff the cork back into the opening only traps air inside the bottle, oxidizing the wine too much and spoiling it in no time. Our wine vacuum stoppers remove that dilemma. Insert the stopper into the spout and pull the pump a few times to draw any remaining air out of the bottle and lower the interior pressure. Now your wine is safe to store for your next drink!

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