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The Professional

Wine Opener

Welcome to the Ultimate Wine Experience

Sleek. Professional. Luxurious. These are the wine products your vintage deserves. Whether you’re a wine aficionado who loves to entertain or you’re a professional bartender, Vineyard Supply Company has the accessories you need. With our food-grade tools, wine is effortless to open, easy to store, and more delicious than ever. Shop now.

Why Choose Us

We love wine. We love uncorking a fresh bottle and exploring subtle flavors. We love the laughter, camaraderie, and good memories people make with wine glasses in their hands. We love the passion and hard work that goes into every drop. Every product we sell is an expression of our appreciation for this incredible art form. Shop accessories made by wine lovers for wine lovers.

The Set

Wine Opener

The sleek ceramic non-stick needle surface enables smooth easy cork removal. Polycarbonate needle guard engineered to stand up to the rigors of professional use providing protection along with our uniquely designed cork removal system. Grip the bottom edges of guard and slide the cork ring toward the bottom of the opener. The stainless steel hypodermic needle is designed to slide through any cork, natural or synthetic, rubber, wax and more.

Foil Cutter

Four stainless wheels safely and easily score and cut foil, cleanly removing cap insuring no foil interaction contaminating the wine. It creates a drip guard for the label and the tablecloth below.

Aerator & Pourer

Triple-chamber tumbler venturi aerator opens wine up to enhance the subtle fruit flavors. It helps the wine breathe by oxygenating and dissipating sulfites and eliminating the wait.

Vacuum Stopper

Made of food grade silicone and polycarbonate and a life saver for left over wine our micro reverse vacuum pump easily pulls air out of the bottle lowering the pressure on the inside reducing the air molecules dramatically suspending natural oxidation. Seats easily into the neck of the bottle simply pump the top knob. Quick easy pumps until the knob starts snapping down. You have a vacuum seal. It keeps your wine fresh with refrigeration, suspending oxidation preserving your wine up to 4 times as long. The less wine in the bottle the more air needed which means more pumps.

Our set comes with a lifetime warranty. Read more below.

How It Works

Remember The 3 Ps



Press the needle through the cork.



Pump a bit of air under the cork pressurizing the tiny pocket of air allowing the cork to float right out of the bottle.



Listen for the sound of happiness as you are about to enjoy your wine in a fun new festive way!


Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind our product

Congratulations with your Professional Wine Opener purchase you are joining other wine lovers, wine makers, sommeliers, restauranteurs, and some of the world finest chefs. All of our products are made with uncompromising quality using the finest materials and designs from around the world. We are proud to provide all Professional Wine Opener. Products with a LIFETIME Guarantee free from material and manufacture defects. Professional Wine Opener will replace any part, or piece needed to preserve satisfactory operation.


Professional Wine Opener, thrives on a technology driven culture always testing perfecting and evolving our state of the art products. If at any time you wish to replace your Professional Wine Opener, we are proud to do so with our latest and greatest for 50% of the current retail price.

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